Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dethroning the Kings

Overtime against the Kings in unacceptable in my book. There was no reason for the game to go the way it did. The Predators looked slow. They definitely were not putting forth their best effort against one of the worst teams in the Western conference. If they expect to have any chance against the Wings tonight, they have to come out stronger than that. If not, I expect a murderous game. We know the goal tending for Detroit has been shaky, and we need to take advantage of it. Again, doing so with a depleted lineup.
I'm sure there's at least one Predator thankful for the injuries to our top two centers. Cal O'Reilly is up with the big club. Going to be playing his fifth NHL game, second against the Wings. The first having been that 8-0 tromping about a month ago. Cal scored his first NHL goal last night, and it was awesome to see him get that. The kid was hustling all night and looks like a strong player for the future of this team. Also scoring last night was Shea "Freaking" Weber. This was surprising considering how LA had a man on him at all times. They were not going to let him get open to release any kind of shot. But when he did get a chance, he blasted that puck past Quick. Gotta love a defenseman with 21 goals. Despite the somewhat lazy performance from the Preds, they came out with two points on and overtime power play goal from Sullivan. I'll take the two points and 7th place, but I wish it hadn't have been so nerve wracking.
With St. Louis beating Columbus in a shootout last night, they are tied with Edmonton in points, but the Oilers have the tie breaker so St. Louis is in 9th. Would be awesome if the Predators and Blues would win today and Edmonton lose to Minnesota. That would put the entire Central division in the playoffs. Although Minnesota losing is probably better for the Predators because it would almost assure them being out of it. The Preds close their season out in St. Paul, and it would be nice to not have them fighting tooth and nail to still make it in. Suck it Liepold! Suck it Zidlicky!
As for Detroit, they got embarrassed the other night, being shut out by the Islanders at home. Sobering stuff right there. Osgood (Osnotsogood) will be in net for the Wings, and as I'm writing this, Trotz hasn't made his decision as to who will be in net for the Predators. Pekka has looked tired these past few games, and I think it would be wise to give him a game off and hope Ellis comes in and plays strong. We have crucial games with Chicago and Columbus coming up, and I think we'll need Pekka to be at his best. Giving him the Wings game off could be a good decision. Ellis is capable of making awesome saves and stealing games. We have to hope that he can do that today. I believe he can. He knows what playoffs mean to this team; he's in the locker room. I think it's time for Dan to have a chance, and what time is better than the second game of a B2B with the Wings?
Side note: Lilja is still out for Detroit from the ass whooping that Weber put on him about a month ago. Awsomeness.
Puck drops at the Joe in two hours.
Let's go Preds!

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