Sunday, June 28, 2009

Say it isn't so

Before I discovered Ryan Theriot, pictured above, my favorite Chicago Cub had to be Mark DeRosa. He was versatile, genuine, and level headed, everything I believe a Cub should be. So naturally I was more than a little upset when the Cubs traded him in December of 2008 to the Cleveland Indians. Following the Cubs closely, like I do every year, it is evident just how much we miss Mark. Last night I got a virtual dagger through the heart. DeRosa was traded to the Cardinals, visual approximation below.
I HATE the Cardinals. As a Cubs fan, I was brought up to despise Mark McGwire and Tony LaRussa. We hate three things: The Cardinals, the White Sox, and the Brewers.
It's basic common sense for Cubs fans. North Side > South Side
I just cannot even being to imagine seeing DeRosa in that awful red jersey.
Now I don't know if I'm mad that DeRosa is playing for the Cardinals or if I'm mad that he's doing so while we have to continue with the services of our resident child, Milton Bradley. Signing this guy for 3 years and giving him $10 million a year might be the dumbest thing we've ever done. His production is disappointing, and his attitude is ridiculous. I don't think I acted that childish even when I was a child. He's a thirty-one year old man that is carrying on like a spoiled teenager. Sure hope management is happy that we have Bradley and his .236 average, 5 homeruns, and 16 RBIs instead of DeRosa and his .270 average, 13 homeruns, and 50 RBIs.
For comparison, Bradley has 50 pounds on Theriot, who is not and has never been a power hitter. However, this year Theriot has 6 homeruns and 28 RBIs. They've got about the same amount of HRs, but Theriot has almost double the RBIs. If you're not scoring runs and you're not getting runs scored, then what the hell are you doing? Oh that's right, you're striking out and yelling at the umpires. Bradley, let me take this opportunity to tell you to STFU because you suck.
DeRosa, I miss you more than any other player that's left over the years, and even though you now play for the hated red birds, there's no way I can ever hate you as much as I hate the rest of them. But if you could suck and strikeout when we play you, that would be great.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another defenseman? #^&%$%#@!#*

The sarcasm in my last post about the Preds drafting a defenseman was supposed to be just that, sarcasm. But low and behold, David Poile comes through for the faithful and drafts a defenseman with the 11th pick. A midget no less. Ryan Ellis is a 5'9" d-man. Just what we need. He'll be our Ville Koistenen if he ever makes it to Nashville. I'm not sure my readers know how much I despise Koistenen. He's horrible, and I pray to God we don't give him an offer and he's someone else's problem on July 1st. So the fact that we drafted a younger version of him irritates the crap out of me.
The Predators drafted 7 forwards and 3 defensemen this year. None of these forwards are going to make the team in the fall, so we still need to find the answer to our scoring problems through free agency. Sullivan may very well be gone. If he is, we will have 2 gaping holes in our top 6 forwards. Even if he does re-sign with us, we'll need someone to put with Legwand and Erat, both of whom haven't looked the same since Kariya left. His contract with St. Louis is up after next year, and he likely won't be commanding the $6 million dollars he's making now. A girl can dream that he will want to come back. But until then, we need someone for those two. And Ward is not the answer. He'd be a really good third line guy, but putting him on the 2nd line will not solve our problems.
I'm nervous about next season, to say the least. Unless Poile & Co. make a splash, Nashville may very well be in for another long season. I didn't think it could get worse than this past year; I suffered through some ridiculously boring hockey games. However, without Sullivan, Ward, and possibly having several rookies in the line-up at D and forward, it could get ugly fast. There is no room for error, and we cannot afford for Pekka to have any kind of sophomore slump. He needs to be stellar night in and out, and Danny Ellis needs to find his game for us to have any sort of chance.
I guess this is a long winded way of saying that I was disappointed with our first round draft pick and am nervous as hell about free agency.
It all begins, or ends, on Wednesday.
Bring it on.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finals, Awards, and Draft Oh My!

Hockey season is over. The Penguins won the Cup, and me, Ciara, and Kelly mocked every bit of it. The hits on the Fugly Raisin were praised even if they were a tad dirty. The Dirty Mexican was mocked mercilessly. And Fluery's buckteeth were imitated. On the other side, Hossa tears were cried. If he didn't cry, which I'm sure he did, we made enough wah sounds for him. Poor Zetterburg, Osgood, and Datsyuk were apologized to, even though now they go back to being the enemy.
I can't comment much on what happened after the clock ran out. We were too busy being pissed off and yelling mean things to really pay much attention. It was a fitting way to send off the season though. At least, I thought so. heh

The NHL Awards were earlier this week, and man were they horrible. It really shouldn't be that hard to read off a tele-prompter, but Roenick sure did struggle. High points were Michael Buble and Sullivan winning the Masterson. Low points were Ovie being a tool and the "entertainment." Sullivan's victory was a much deserved one. I was really happy for him, and even squirted out a few tears. Freaking SEM. I'm almost positive he'll be testing free agency. I can only hope Poile makes a splash in the free agent market so we're not down a couple of top-six forwards.
Not sure I'll watch the draft. I don't know too much about prospects or what to expect. But it's the Predators, I'm sure we'll get a nice defenseman. Snort.
The Preds took another $44 out of my bank account last Monday. I sure hope next season the on ice product is more entertaining than this past year. Some nights it was downright painful to watch. Still not sure how I feel about the half-season. I'm sure I won't be so worn out towards the end, but I keep thinking about the good stuff I'll miss. Center Ice just costs too much, and I don't know that I'd use it enough to justify the cost. Being a responsible adult about this will pay off eventually, just have to get through the discouraging parts first. One day I won't have to be in the last row at the top of the arena if I don't want to.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baseball just isn't the same

I love playoff hockey. It's exciting to watch. I only wish the Preds were in it. If they were, I may have had an easier time following it. I've only gotten to watch the first two games of the Finals. I was at the Sounds vs Cubs game for one, babysitting for another, and working during the other. I have to work the night of Game 6 as well, but hopefully I'll be out in enough time to catch maybe the second and third periods. It's very possible that will be the last game of hockey season. It's a weird feeling.
The Cubs are blowing chunks this year, so it's gonna be a long summer.