Friday, October 23, 2009


The Predators FINALLY won a game. The losing streak extended to 6 after the loss to Boston on Wednesday. By that point I was sick of moral victories. You don't get 2 points for those. I must say, I was glad I was on a plane and out of town so I didn't have to witness the 6-0 Dallas slaughter, the loss to Chicago, or the loss to Washington. The Boston game went much better, but we should have won. They didn't have Savard, and we still couldn't do it. But there wasn't much time to dwell on it; the boys went on to play the Senators in Ottawa last night. This game started out like you dream for games to start out. 3-0 lead. Yes you read that right. The Preds actually scored 3 goals, not in one game, but in one period. Shocking. Cody Franson got his first NHL goal! :) The second was pretty much uneventful. The third is where it all went to hell. Now, if you're reading this thinking "But the Preds won, why are you complaining?" then let me be the first to tell you to take off your blinders. If anyone watched that game and was happy and not upset at all just because they won, you're an idiot. The Sens mounted a serious comeback. Not only did they tie the game at 3, they tied it and 4 and 5. The 5th goal coming with 1.6 seconds left in the GAME. Pekka went to play the puck and turned it over. Suter had the guy in the corner but was way too soft on him. He ended up getting the puck back to the net. Weber should have been paying attention to the guy behind him who put it past Pekka. WTF?! I was in shock. Not sad, but pure angry. I was in a rage watching them play the last 20 minutes of that game. I am not happy with a single person after that fiasco. Yes, we ended up scoring in the OT, but still. Yes, Weber scored the goal, but no that does not mean he is awesome. If they had lost, that probably would have been it for me, honestly. I cannot stand watching the team skate around with no heart. That's the worst. I'd rather have a team of Fiddler's and Ortmeyer's who bust their asses every shift than have a team who lays back after getting an early lead. Never give up. I don't care if the score is 15-0 and you're winning. You'd better be jumping on every puck.
Now, don't go back on another losing streak. Chicago is next tomorrow. The United Center is tough, but it would be great if we can go in and steal 2 points. Ah who am I kidding? Sharp is going to make us his bitch. Meh, at least he'll be hot doing it.

Arizona Recap

I had the best time in Arizona last week. I was so sad when I had to leave, but I was really glad I got to see Sarah and hang out for a few days. I flew to Tucson on Wednesday, and we drove out to Phoenix (Glendale) on Wednesday. We got there about an hour before the doors opened, so we walked around. The area right around the arena is really nice. The Cardinals stadium was right next door, and there were a bunch of shops and restaurants in a little shopping area. The setup was pretty much awesome. They also had a really cool fountain in front.
When we got inside, I wasn't blown away. To be honest, the arena reminded me of the Bradley Center where the Admirals play in Milwaukee. It wasn't too fancy. They had a nice pro shop, but not a ton of stuff, much like the Predators.
To my surprise there were actually a good amount of Blues fans there. We went down for pre-skate after the usher nazi said she'd look for us to come back up. "Um have you never had people go down for pre-skate before?" Dumb cow.
Some pre-skate pictures
I didn't take a ton of pics during the game just because I actually wanted to watch and not get hit with a puck.
Got some of former Pred Vern Fiddler
But screw him. He assisted on the game winner in OT. And I don't think he went offsides once. WTF? Go to Phoenix and now you stop sucking?
The game started off really good. No scoring in the first, but the Blues were flying. Mason looked spectacular. In the second, Backes started the scoring with a beautiful goal, in more than one way. :P The Coyotes tied it up about 6 minutes later on Doan's first of the season. Then the best part of the whole game happened. Kariya was forchecking, and the Coyotes player had the puck behind the net. As he went to come out with it, Bryzgalov wasn't paying attention. Kariya stole it off his stick and tapped it in. Unfortunately it happened on the other end from where we were sitting, but when that red light went on, I jumped up and was so excited! I love that man :) The Blues ended the second up 2-1. However, in the third Upshall tied it. WTF former Preds? The last 10 or so minutes of the third were so intense, but we ended up going to OT. The Blues dominated the first 2 minutes of overtime. They had numerous chances and were flying out there. However, Jovanovski got a lucky goal that was reviewed for several minutes. The Blues ended up losing, but still got 1 point.
I still had a blast at the game. It's always fun to go to other team's arenas. The announced attendance was under 7,000, but there is no way there were that many people there. It was empty and quiet. It sucks, because they have such a nice area. I don't anyone to lose their team, and it would suck if the Coyotes moved.
Sarah and I ended up sitting next to 2 Blues fans, also from Tennessee. One of them had an Oshie shirt on, which is awesome. So we high-fived when the Blues scored.
For $55 this was the view from our seats
Yea, it was awesome.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The opposite of road trip...air trip?

Me & Sarah are invading the Arena in 2 days.
Blues vs. Coyotes
Honk Honk Honk Let's go Blues!
We'll be 3 rows from the ice in the Blues attack twice.
I'll be home Monday night, so pics and a recap blog will follow Tuesday.
By the way, first time on a plane since I was 4 and we moved back from Germany. I'm a wee bit nervous.
Look for us if you have Center Ice! I'll be in my Blues jersey of course :)

Well that was fun?

Deciding to go to the game last night didn't turn out to be the best decision ever. I got off work early, so I decided to head down. It was Military Monday, so I got the best available ticket for $20. Can't beat that.
I guess I should have been listening to the radio stream on my way because by the time I parked my car, it was 3-0 Edmonton. I walked in at the end of the first to a score of 4-0. Jenn and I went to the bar and got drinks, so maybe that's why I just didn't care the rest of the game. It wasn't worth getting upset over. I wasn't going to expend any effort if the team wasn't. They didn't deserve it. By the end of the second period, myself and the guy sitting next to me cheered when Edmonton made it 6-0. It just became funny. Maybe the loss didn't bother me as much just because it was so hilarious and ridiculous in nature. It wasn't all bad; Colin Wilson made his NHL debut. Due to the score, he ended up with more minutes than both he and the coaching staff had anticipated, but I'm glad it went down that way. He looked really good out there. With all the line shuffling, I never saw the line I wanted to. Seeing Wilson with Erat was part of it, but I wish they had put Santorelli out there with them instead of Ward. Ward sucks and I don't get the hype. Our defense is pathetic. Our so called top defensive pairing has been invisible. Yes, they surprisingly ended even last night, but they didn't make and spectacular plays. I'm disappointed. Hammer sucks trade him is definitely living up to his name. He was a fabulous -3, only escaping his -4 because he was on for Arnott's goal. His partner Klein had a glowing -4 though. Vomit. That pairing clearly sucks. Break up Shea and Suter and Hammer and Klein. Something's gotta change. In the 3rd I was expecting the D pairings to get shaken up. Everyone but Shea and Suter were switched. Clearly they need a break from each other. Splitting them in the 3rd would have been a good thing, but whatever. The Cube sucks and I wish Sulzer or Franson were up here. On the offensive side (can't believe I just said that because our offense is non-existent), Arnott gets another lucky goal. He's still a lazy douche who loafs around. After he scored, there were no high fives or celebrating on the bench. And do you know why? Because at that point it wasn't worth it. Don't pat yourself on the back for getting lucky when you've been gripping your collective ankles the whole game. Erat had his ice time cut by 7 minutes. Maybe it'll light a fire under him for Dallas. He and Legwand have been dismal. For as much as they're making, I'd have hoped they'd be doing some scoring by now. Sad that only our top line is scoring goals. And if Trotz demotes Santorelli, I'm going to be pissed. He's the only one on that line worth a damn. So, he'd better not get punished because those two tools suck at life.
Hammer ended up being the guest at the post game show, and it took all I had not to yell Hammer sucks trade him. Freaking grease monkey. The team had a closed door meeting after the game, and I can only hope some serious ass chewing went on. Now's the time for our leaders to step up and take responsibility and right the ship. Yes, it's still early. But remember last year when we were struggling to make the playoffs wishing we had started out the season better? Remember all those points we gave away to the teams we were fighting with? Well, it's next season, and now is when you start out better.

Friday, October 9, 2009

So, there was a game last night....

Opening night is supposed to be exciting. So tell me why I wanted to sleep through the first two periods last night? That was such a boring game. The 3rd period was pretty exciting, but that's about it. The guys came out lazy, took bad penalties, and were bad on special teams. For a home opener, I was not impressed.
Some sporadic notes:
Grant proved why he was sent down to Milwaukee. He took two dumb penalties that led directly to Avalanche goals.
Hornqvist was forgettable until the 3rd period. I think the disallowed goal really lit a fire under him. He netted two and it was awesome.
The disallowed goal was BS. Arnott did not make a kicking motion. His stick missed, and it just happened to be his skate that slid the puck into the net. Whatever. That non-goal drove the team to get the 2 others it took to win the game.
Where was Shea Weber last night? He was forgettable, minus the assist on the last goal. I noticed maybe one hit, and it wasn't even a really good one. Step it up Shea! Just because you have the "A" now doesn't mean you can be lazy like Darshmont was when he had it.
The optional helmet pre-skate is quite nice. The guys look more relaxed, and the scenery makes me smile. :) Minus Smithson. Put it back on PLEASE
I missed Sarah last night. Watching the game alone isn't nearly as fun. I can't wait to go to Phoenix and get to watch a game together again.
Our Power play sucks. As I tweeted last night "Year after year the Preds power play never disappoints to disappoint." At one point last night, Sully skated around the entire net with the puck and failed to take a quality shot. I was ready to scream. But the kid in front of me already hated me, so I let it go.
Our penalty kill was bipolar. We gave up a goal within the first 10 seconds on a power play and then killed off one only allowing them to score at the last possible moment. I miss Nichol.
I don't like Goc. His name is pronounced like crotch. And he does not deserve to wear the #9.
Ellis saved our defense's ass last night.
We may have a goalie controversy on our hands all over again. Unless Peks comes in and stonewalls Buffalo tomorrow, which I hope he does.
"Ryan Miller, well ain't you one pretty little bitch. Only goalie got panties and a brassiere underneath."
Preds are 2-0 and leading the Central.
Only cuz the Blues lost to the Thrashers last night. Screw Rich Peverley.
Good news for our division, Franzen from Detroit is out at least 4 months with a torn ACL. Tough break for him and the Wings though.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I suck

School is encompassing everything. I haven't read any of the blogs I follow in more than a week, let alone update my own. I may end up only being able to update this 1 a week or so, unless things calm down soon. However, seeing as how I'm about to throw hockey back into my schedule, free time is all but gone. I'll be blogging from work on the weekends, unless we're crazy busy like we have been. Basically it comes down to this: I'm getting into all the upper division courses, and they're much harder and more involved. I work at a medical clinic, and it's getting to that time of year where everyone gets sick. So, we've been slammed. Not to mention the whole swine flu paranoia. Needless to say, I'm pretty glad I didn't go with the full season tickets this year.
Some quick sports stuff:
Baseball season is basically over for me. Playoffs are starting and the Cubs are out. There's always next year right Chicago?
The Preds won their season opener on the road in Dallas.
Santorelli had the winning goal in the shootout that went to 5 rounds.
I love this kid.
No one has looked as good as he does with Marty and Leggy since Kariya left.
Hammer sucks, trade him.
Home opener this Thursday.
Blues are 2-0, Wings are 0-2
And Vancouver sucks so far.
Some odd stuff going on in the NHL.
Oh and Markov is out for like 4 months, thus royally screwing fantasy owners, including myself, everywhere. Good, productive defensemen are so hard to find on the free agent market. I want to not suck this year.
Speaking of sucking, I'm getting killed again in football. I should just give up. Year after year, I continue to suck.
Oh, and my Titans are 0-4. The team with the best record from last season has yet to win a game. Maybe this will bump Preds attendance.
Favre beat the Packers last night on Monday Night Football.
He has now beaten every current NFL team. I think that's awesome.

I have off, am done with school for the day, and am not going to the Meet the Team party tonight, yet I have so much stuff to get done. Just stopping in to let everyone know I'm still around.