Friday, October 23, 2009


The Predators FINALLY won a game. The losing streak extended to 6 after the loss to Boston on Wednesday. By that point I was sick of moral victories. You don't get 2 points for those. I must say, I was glad I was on a plane and out of town so I didn't have to witness the 6-0 Dallas slaughter, the loss to Chicago, or the loss to Washington. The Boston game went much better, but we should have won. They didn't have Savard, and we still couldn't do it. But there wasn't much time to dwell on it; the boys went on to play the Senators in Ottawa last night. This game started out like you dream for games to start out. 3-0 lead. Yes you read that right. The Preds actually scored 3 goals, not in one game, but in one period. Shocking. Cody Franson got his first NHL goal! :) The second was pretty much uneventful. The third is where it all went to hell. Now, if you're reading this thinking "But the Preds won, why are you complaining?" then let me be the first to tell you to take off your blinders. If anyone watched that game and was happy and not upset at all just because they won, you're an idiot. The Sens mounted a serious comeback. Not only did they tie the game at 3, they tied it and 4 and 5. The 5th goal coming with 1.6 seconds left in the GAME. Pekka went to play the puck and turned it over. Suter had the guy in the corner but was way too soft on him. He ended up getting the puck back to the net. Weber should have been paying attention to the guy behind him who put it past Pekka. WTF?! I was in shock. Not sad, but pure angry. I was in a rage watching them play the last 20 minutes of that game. I am not happy with a single person after that fiasco. Yes, we ended up scoring in the OT, but still. Yes, Weber scored the goal, but no that does not mean he is awesome. If they had lost, that probably would have been it for me, honestly. I cannot stand watching the team skate around with no heart. That's the worst. I'd rather have a team of Fiddler's and Ortmeyer's who bust their asses every shift than have a team who lays back after getting an early lead. Never give up. I don't care if the score is 15-0 and you're winning. You'd better be jumping on every puck.
Now, don't go back on another losing streak. Chicago is next tomorrow. The United Center is tough, but it would be great if we can go in and steal 2 points. Ah who am I kidding? Sharp is going to make us his bitch. Meh, at least he'll be hot doing it.

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