Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well that was fun?

Deciding to go to the game last night didn't turn out to be the best decision ever. I got off work early, so I decided to head down. It was Military Monday, so I got the best available ticket for $20. Can't beat that.
I guess I should have been listening to the radio stream on my way because by the time I parked my car, it was 3-0 Edmonton. I walked in at the end of the first to a score of 4-0. Jenn and I went to the bar and got drinks, so maybe that's why I just didn't care the rest of the game. It wasn't worth getting upset over. I wasn't going to expend any effort if the team wasn't. They didn't deserve it. By the end of the second period, myself and the guy sitting next to me cheered when Edmonton made it 6-0. It just became funny. Maybe the loss didn't bother me as much just because it was so hilarious and ridiculous in nature. It wasn't all bad; Colin Wilson made his NHL debut. Due to the score, he ended up with more minutes than both he and the coaching staff had anticipated, but I'm glad it went down that way. He looked really good out there. With all the line shuffling, I never saw the line I wanted to. Seeing Wilson with Erat was part of it, but I wish they had put Santorelli out there with them instead of Ward. Ward sucks and I don't get the hype. Our defense is pathetic. Our so called top defensive pairing has been invisible. Yes, they surprisingly ended even last night, but they didn't make and spectacular plays. I'm disappointed. Hammer sucks trade him is definitely living up to his name. He was a fabulous -3, only escaping his -4 because he was on for Arnott's goal. His partner Klein had a glowing -4 though. Vomit. That pairing clearly sucks. Break up Shea and Suter and Hammer and Klein. Something's gotta change. In the 3rd I was expecting the D pairings to get shaken up. Everyone but Shea and Suter were switched. Clearly they need a break from each other. Splitting them in the 3rd would have been a good thing, but whatever. The Cube sucks and I wish Sulzer or Franson were up here. On the offensive side (can't believe I just said that because our offense is non-existent), Arnott gets another lucky goal. He's still a lazy douche who loafs around. After he scored, there were no high fives or celebrating on the bench. And do you know why? Because at that point it wasn't worth it. Don't pat yourself on the back for getting lucky when you've been gripping your collective ankles the whole game. Erat had his ice time cut by 7 minutes. Maybe it'll light a fire under him for Dallas. He and Legwand have been dismal. For as much as they're making, I'd have hoped they'd be doing some scoring by now. Sad that only our top line is scoring goals. And if Trotz demotes Santorelli, I'm going to be pissed. He's the only one on that line worth a damn. So, he'd better not get punished because those two tools suck at life.
Hammer ended up being the guest at the post game show, and it took all I had not to yell Hammer sucks trade him. Freaking grease monkey. The team had a closed door meeting after the game, and I can only hope some serious ass chewing went on. Now's the time for our leaders to step up and take responsibility and right the ship. Yes, it's still early. But remember last year when we were struggling to make the playoffs wishing we had started out the season better? Remember all those points we gave away to the teams we were fighting with? Well, it's next season, and now is when you start out better.

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