Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I suck

School is encompassing everything. I haven't read any of the blogs I follow in more than a week, let alone update my own. I may end up only being able to update this 1 a week or so, unless things calm down soon. However, seeing as how I'm about to throw hockey back into my schedule, free time is all but gone. I'll be blogging from work on the weekends, unless we're crazy busy like we have been. Basically it comes down to this: I'm getting into all the upper division courses, and they're much harder and more involved. I work at a medical clinic, and it's getting to that time of year where everyone gets sick. So, we've been slammed. Not to mention the whole swine flu paranoia. Needless to say, I'm pretty glad I didn't go with the full season tickets this year.
Some quick sports stuff:
Baseball season is basically over for me. Playoffs are starting and the Cubs are out. There's always next year right Chicago?
The Preds won their season opener on the road in Dallas.
Santorelli had the winning goal in the shootout that went to 5 rounds.
I love this kid.
No one has looked as good as he does with Marty and Leggy since Kariya left.
Hammer sucks, trade him.
Home opener this Thursday.
Blues are 2-0, Wings are 0-2
And Vancouver sucks so far.
Some odd stuff going on in the NHL.
Oh and Markov is out for like 4 months, thus royally screwing fantasy owners, including myself, everywhere. Good, productive defensemen are so hard to find on the free agent market. I want to not suck this year.
Speaking of sucking, I'm getting killed again in football. I should just give up. Year after year, I continue to suck.
Oh, and my Titans are 0-4. The team with the best record from last season has yet to win a game. Maybe this will bump Preds attendance.
Favre beat the Packers last night on Monday Night Football.
He has now beaten every current NFL team. I think that's awesome.

I have off, am done with school for the day, and am not going to the Meet the Team party tonight, yet I have so much stuff to get done. Just stopping in to let everyone know I'm still around.

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  1. Oy the pig flu freaks. I think some of them are actually disappointed to only get the regular flu.

    It is a pretty weird beginning to hockey season. It's kind of funny to watch Canada freaking out though.