Friday, October 9, 2009

So, there was a game last night....

Opening night is supposed to be exciting. So tell me why I wanted to sleep through the first two periods last night? That was such a boring game. The 3rd period was pretty exciting, but that's about it. The guys came out lazy, took bad penalties, and were bad on special teams. For a home opener, I was not impressed.
Some sporadic notes:
Grant proved why he was sent down to Milwaukee. He took two dumb penalties that led directly to Avalanche goals.
Hornqvist was forgettable until the 3rd period. I think the disallowed goal really lit a fire under him. He netted two and it was awesome.
The disallowed goal was BS. Arnott did not make a kicking motion. His stick missed, and it just happened to be his skate that slid the puck into the net. Whatever. That non-goal drove the team to get the 2 others it took to win the game.
Where was Shea Weber last night? He was forgettable, minus the assist on the last goal. I noticed maybe one hit, and it wasn't even a really good one. Step it up Shea! Just because you have the "A" now doesn't mean you can be lazy like Darshmont was when he had it.
The optional helmet pre-skate is quite nice. The guys look more relaxed, and the scenery makes me smile. :) Minus Smithson. Put it back on PLEASE
I missed Sarah last night. Watching the game alone isn't nearly as fun. I can't wait to go to Phoenix and get to watch a game together again.
Our Power play sucks. As I tweeted last night "Year after year the Preds power play never disappoints to disappoint." At one point last night, Sully skated around the entire net with the puck and failed to take a quality shot. I was ready to scream. But the kid in front of me already hated me, so I let it go.
Our penalty kill was bipolar. We gave up a goal within the first 10 seconds on a power play and then killed off one only allowing them to score at the last possible moment. I miss Nichol.
I don't like Goc. His name is pronounced like crotch. And he does not deserve to wear the #9.
Ellis saved our defense's ass last night.
We may have a goalie controversy on our hands all over again. Unless Peks comes in and stonewalls Buffalo tomorrow, which I hope he does.
"Ryan Miller, well ain't you one pretty little bitch. Only goalie got panties and a brassiere underneath."
Preds are 2-0 and leading the Central.
Only cuz the Blues lost to the Thrashers last night. Screw Rich Peverley.
Good news for our division, Franzen from Detroit is out at least 4 months with a torn ACL. Tough break for him and the Wings though.

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