Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's official: My uterus is under attack

There's a problem with my favorite hockey team being so accessible and personable. Mr. Shea "Freaking" Weber plays for the Predators. Having met him and seen him on ice many many times over the past few years has had an effect on my view of things, namely other men. Today I realized just how much after seeing this picture:

This is when I stole the phrase I've read in a couple places:
Shea Weber is trying to kill my uterus.
I have always found him attractive, but the gun and the ACUs put it over the edge. I have always been told to stay away from the military boys. GI = Gross Intentions Scott was a Marine, so I didn't totally stick to that, but forget him. He's not even on the same planet as Weber. Doubt Shea is that big of a douche. LOL
It has officially happened; Shea has ruined all other men for me. Totally awesome guy in my Business Law class; he's a Cubs, Preds, and Weber fan. However, he's only mildly attractive because Shea has set the bar that high. Yes, I am aware that this will never amount to anything, but women look at and admire famous, or mildly famous, men all the time. He's just that hot. And that talented. For my money, he's perfect.
I wish the guys at Austin Peay were half as good looking as Shea is. I love the eye candy, but I will probably never land a husband that hot, or that awesome at hockey for that matter. Hell, it may be better for my sanity if he's not even into hockey.
Shea is hotter than any guy I have dated or have wanted to date, and I love him. Not love, love, but he's amazing. :)

The only other guy even close to that spot in my heart:

First hockey loves die hard. But this second one sure is a doozy.

Sorry to those of you who read my blog for non-chick, actual hockey stuff. Had to girl out a bit on this one.
Opening night in 14 days. Don't know where I'll find the time to keep up and update this with as fast as the season moves, but I'll make it work.


  1. Oh poor boys. They just don't have a chance do they? Hockey players are hot. Guns are hot. (That's pr'y not very politically correct of me, but oh well!) Put them together and... well like you said, exploding uteruses. Thank you, thank you for sharing :D

  2. Haha, I love this blog! He does look pretty good in ACU's though!