Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few notable countdowns

22 days until my 21st birthday. Finally!
26 days until opening night vs. Colorado
32 days until I fly to Tuscon and get to see my BFF Sarah :)
33 days until Sarah and I sit 3 rows from the ice in Phoenix to watch my other team, the Blues
105 days until myself, Ciara, and Kelly invade the United Center in Chicago
106 days until the group of us gets to watch the Admirals in Milwaukee
107 days until we invade the Scottrade Center in St. Louis (Part 1) Honk Honk Honk!
109 days until we finish it out in Columbus. The first time there, should be a good time. And we'll be meeting a fellow blogger, and new Preds fan, Aubrey. Ringing in the new year in Columbus. Still haven't figured out how I'll manage to get of work on New Year's Day, but we'll see. If they all think I'm hungover, then so be it.

After the new year, things look pretty tame. But knowing me, that could change.


  1. Looks like you've got a lot to look forward to. (I hear that girl in Columbus is pretty awesome :P) But seriously, you may have a hockey hangover by New Year's Day!

  2. I'm mostly excited for when you come see me, and jealous of all your other countdowns!