Sunday, September 20, 2009

CLB vs NASH 9/19

Got to attend my first preseason game of the year last night. It felt pretty good to be back in the arena and back at the glass. Me, Jenn & her daughter, and Laury had free seats up at the very top, where I usually am. After the first, it was clear that there were plenty of open seats down low. We ended up sitting by Wendy 2 rows from the ice.
Now for some game notes:
Tootoo knocked this dude out in the first period. I don't think it was one punch, but the last punch and him hitting his head on the ice, was enough to do some damage. They brought out the stretcher, but he was able to be helped off the ice by his teammates. Heard he went to Vanderbilt, but was expected to be fine.
Grant got the most ridiculous penalty I've ever seen in the first period. One of the Blue Jackets came at Grant from behind and the ref assessed Grant with an unsportsmanlike. Umm WTF? That was a really bad call IMO. The refs last night were pretty bad.
There was no scoring in the first.
In the second, Columbus came out really well. They ended up going up on the Preds 2-0. The second goal was a fluke, but Pekka was pulled afterward. It was planned, not because of his play. It was the plan for him and Ellis to split time. Ellis came in and stonewalled them the rest of the game.
Jones ended up scoring our first goal. It was pretty much awesome.
Arnott tied it up in the 3rd with an odd give and go with Dumont, but it was a goal nonetheless.
Just when things looked to be heading to overtime, the Preds got a late powerplay. The Predators have a pretty abysmal powerplay, but with 29 seconds left in the game, Shea Weber released a blast that went past the goalie. There is only one word that can describe how awesome it was to be sitting down low and seeing this goal: AWESOME
Shea ended up being the number one star of the game, so it was fantastic to be down there. Love Wendy for that :)
Santorelli played last night despite having played in Carolina the night before. He didn't click well with anyone like he does Marty and Leggy, so if they send him down based on last night, I'll be pretty upset. (Plus I just drafted him in one of my fantasy leagues)
Sully ended up tweaking his groin and leaving in the first period. He had tweeted about icing his groin all week, so I think they were being safe. Either way, no reason to get hurt this early on. Watching them try to plug someone in with Arnott and Dumont was painful though. Tootoo, Ward, and Jones have no business on that first line. None of them should even sniff above the third line.
I suck at writing game recaps just because I have an awful memory and focus on tons of random stuff, but it's preseason so cut me some slack.
Either way, it was good to see some live hockey, even if it did seem to be moving a bit slow. It's always nice to beat the Blue Jackets.

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