Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hockey blogging

Decided to make a separate blog for my hockey thoughts.
The Predators have been gone for a week and a half. While this has been GREAT for my wallet and gas tank, I've missed them terribly. They had an extremely successful west coast trip. Grabbed 6 out of 8 points. Taking the Ducks and Sharks to OT. Didn't think they played their best hockey. Actually, I thought they looked sloppy against everyone except San Jose, which just so happened to be the second night of a B2B.
As I type this, we sit in 8th place in the West. We haven't played since Thurdsay night and don't play again until Tuesday. Definitely has been a lot of scoreboard watching going on around Smashville. We can't do anything as far as playoffs are concerned except win our own games. We have to do this for ourselves. Relying on other teams to beat the right teams is not an option. If we expect to go past the first round ever, this team has to learn what grit is. We have to play through March and April like it is the playoffs.
Still being in college and working part time has made money tight, but I'll do whatever it takes to pay for playoff tickets, hopefully beyond the first round.
I'm going to make every effort to keep this updated because I have yet to find another blog by a chick about the Predators.

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