Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paging the Nashville Predators

It doesn't seem like that long ago when Preds fans everywhere were riding the high of the 7 game winning streak we had going. Remember how much fun that was? Things are definitely different now, for both the fans and the team.

I have no idea where that team went. The team we've been watching since the Olympic break is barely hanging on to 7th place in the West. Teams behind and in front of us are playing a lot better than we are, and with some consistency.

If we fall out of playoff contention and I have to hear the injury excuse again, I'm going to lose my mind. Weber is missing his second game tonight. Grebeshkov is missing his first game of what will be a 1-2 week injury after taking a shot to the groin. According to the Canadian papers, he had to have emergency surgery on one of his testicles after the game Sunday. Ouch! Get better soon new guy! None of our forwards are injured (knock on wood), so there are no excuses for us not scoring goals. Weber isn't the offensive powerhouse like he was last year. His numbers are nothing to scoff at, but the scoring needs to come from the guys making millions to do it. I'm looking at you Arnott, Dumont, Sully, etc.

Speaking of those three, I was thoroughly disappointed to see that line reunited after the Olympic break. All they do is make each other lazy. Rumors are that Wilson was seeing top line time at practice, with Dumont demoted to the fourth line. While the Atlanta game has started, I'm stuck at work and can't confirm what things are looking like. These young guys have their chance to prove why they belong up here. Personally, I think Wilson should never be sent back down. He is the total package, and I think he'll only get better. O'Reilly I couldn't care less about. I'm not impressed, and would have liked to see him gone before Jones, but such is life.

With about a month left in the regular season, this team needs to access their upper level. We all know it's there. We know how they can play when they're on, and they need to be on for every single game left this season. Win out and we're in. All we can do is win our games. The scoreboard watching helps nothing. If they go out on the ice and play 60 minutes, they'll have no reason to be checking the scores around the league.

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  1. I was kind of mad at Grebeshkov for getting injured in what? His fourth game? Then I heard what happened to him and felt really sorry and kind of sick. Yeesh.