Monday, August 30, 2010

This requires Ben & Jerry's

It's been since April since I've posted, but today I feel like I need to write something.
Classes started today, but seeing as how I only have class on Tuesday & Thursday, I'm laying in bed.
I decided to make today my official Paul Pity Party day.
I bought good junk food yesterday & don't plan to get dressed until I have to work tonight.
I've got The Lake House & The Replacements ready to watch because Keanu Reeves totally looks like PK.
Still can't wrap my mind around the fact that Kariya won't be playing this season.
And the fact that no one knew about his concussion symptoms, and he obviously played through some of them, makes me so sad for him. He loves the game; you can tell. I want him to have his name on the Cup.
I can barely remember the last game I saw him play in. I know it was against my beloved Predators, but other than that, it's all fuzzy. I remember a game back in November when he scored on Shea, and made him look foolish. Holy conflicted feelings on that one! It was amazing. It's going to be odd not being a traitor for him for a couple games next season, but his health is important.
So Paul, I pray you have a speedy recovery and come back next year better than ever.

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  1. Whenever I hear "I Will Survive" now I'll be thinking of Paul Kariya. That's gonna be weird. Seriously though, I hope he makes it back. The career he's had, he deserves a better end than this.