Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to the arena

Last night was my first game back at the Bridgestone Arena for the 2010-2011 season. I was on a cruise during the first 3 home games. It felt good to be back, but the game sure was a snore. The good things to come out of it: the Preds have at least a point in every game this season. I'm pretty impressed.

I was on a pretty big high last night after seeing Shea skate out as captain. I am still so proud of him. Last night, he proved why he got that letter. Suter went down after just 1 shift after getting hit knee on knee. Shea ended up with almost 30 minutes of ice time and did a good job of keeping Iginla in check. This morning we heard that Suter may be back next Thursday. The team put him on IR, so that means Sulzer will get a chance to play a few games. You never want to see anyone get hurt, but I'm glad Sulzer will get to play. I feel like he got cheated out of a spot when he was injured last year. Franson is in the spot that I feel like Sulzer should be in. I'm a known Franson hater anyway, much to my friend Ciara's dismay, but I can't wait to see what Sulzer can do.

Pekka's first game back could have only gone better if we had won. He stopped everything, and looked like he hadn't missed any time at all. From what I heard, Lindback held his own while Pekka was out. I was nervous about our goal tending before the season, but now I feel pretty confident. I'm loving what I've seen of this team (which isn't a lot, but I have this feeling), and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. This could be a great year for us. I feel like I can see a lot of change in players I questioned last season. I'm attributing it to the Arnott trade. Him being gone is having an enormously positive ripple effect through the team. Dumont is putting forth effort, and Sully is a man possessed. I've even seen improvement in Klein's game. Arnott was a cancer. He was lazy, and I feel like that carried through the rest of the team. Weber is going to be a positive influence, leading by example. I couldn't have picked a better person I'd want leading by example than him. I am so excited for this season.

Thursday the Penguins are in town. I may or may not have borrowed Jenn's Winter Classic Crosby shirt (I totally did borrow it and will probably wear it). I've turned into a Crosby fan. I don't know how this happened. Still want my Preds to win, but preskate will probably have me on the other side, scoping out Sid the Kid. :)


  1. Wait. A Crosby fan?! Alright! Make a few googly eyes at Letang for me while you're down at that end ;)

  2. Googly eyes for Letang, Talbot, and Crosby. I'm on it!