Saturday, July 4, 2009

There are no words

I know I said this would mostly be a blog for hockey, with the occasional post about the Cubs, but today calls for a post about football. One of the men I grew up watching is dead. Steve McNair was shot in the head in Nashville earlier today. Details are still unknown, but that doesn't change the fact that he is gone. The man I watched lead my Titans to Superbowl 34 is dead. I so enjoyed watching him scramble and run around, always keeping the defense guessing. Even without stellar receivers on the Titans, he found a way to make things happen. He brought us within a yard of a possible Super Bowl victory. But beyond that, he played through countless injuries, and was a workhorse for the team and Jeff Fisher.
I am in complete shock. Air McNair was a cornerstone for the Titans for many years, before leaving for the Baltimore Ravens. He was always the picture of leadership, sportsmanship, and work ethic. He is the kind of guy I miss having in Nashville. McNair, Wycheck, George, and Mason were the great ones for this team. They were good guys; good in the community, always giving back, and people that kids could look up to. Now we have crybaby Vince Young, and went through the drama of Pacman Jones.
I wish there were more guys like Steve out there, and it just pains me to think of his life ending the way it did. Nashville, and the world, lost a great soul today. I can only hope for peace for his family, wife, and kids he left behind.
RIP Steve "Air" McNair


  1. Oh, I just got home and saw this :( That's horrible!

  2. May he R.I.P. I know it sucks when someone you look up to dies :[