Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free Agency Update

Ortmeyer & Nichol are San Jose Sharks.
The sentence I just typed is full of Predators fail. Not so much on the Ortmeyer front though, because his injuries have hurt him. However, Nichol was a veteran guy with lots of heart. On what's shaping up to be a team full of rookies, Scooter would have been a great guy to have around. Looks like we'll be relying on Sullivan to provide the bulk of the leadership this year, because frankly I'm not sure Arnott and Dumont know ow to say the right things anymore.
Some rumors floating around have Bonk playing in the KHL and Pihlstrom going to Europe. All I can say is that I hope Bonk head checks a certain traitor over there. Can you say concussion? Karma is a funny thing ain't it? As for Pihlstrom, from what I gather, the problem is that he wants a one-way deal and the Predators are offering a two-way deal. Not sure I'm understanding why this is an issue. He played at the NHL level for more than half of last year. He's fast and gritty; a good guy for the 3rd or 4th line. Give the kid a one-way deal and be done with it. He's got some NHL level experience under his belt, unlike some of these other kids. Hate to say it, but Santorelli's time in Nashville was anything less than spectacular. I'd rather see Pihlstrom playing up here.
I am still hoping for another forward signing. I've got my eyes on Sykora, and I hope Poile does too. The jokes I would endure over the course of the season would be totally worth it. I'm willing to take the abuse and laughs at my expense if it means we have a bonafide top two scoring lines.

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  1. If Sykora signs here, I'm taking you to see Bruno and paying for it! haha