Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hockey trips

I guess I haven't posted anything since the schedule came out.
So let's see, what to talk about.
How about potential trips? Hockey fans travel better than a lot of other fans, and I'm no different. I don't travel for football, simply because I think I'm losing my interest in the sport that seems full of thugs and prima donnas. Plus, football tickets are outrageously overpriced. I usually make a trip a year for baseball, but finances are preventing my Chicago trip this year. However, I manage to make a few trips for hockey every season, largely in part to allowing myself to be talked in to things rather easily.
Trips on the docket:
Oct. 14-19 Phoenix, Arizona Blues @ Coyotes
This would be a chance for me to root for my second favorite team without feeling guilty. The main focus of this trip would be seeing my BFF Sarah, who ditched me to move with her husband. What a cow right? :P It's partly over fall break from class, so I'd only miss one day, but get to have almost a week with good friends. The planning is on hold until Jenry hears something about a job, so pray for them!
Dec. 26/27-30 Preds @ Chicago, possibly an Admirals game, and Preds @ St. Louis
This is what I got talked in to. Kelly and Ciara are horrible friends who love to ruin my wanting to be financially responsible. I'm sure this one will be a lot of fun, mainly because we'll finally all be 21. So if the Preds have a firm grip on the ankles like the last time we saw them in Chicago, we can drown our sorrows accordingly.
Mar. 20-21 Preds @ St. Louis
This would be what has now become the annual girls trip to St. Louis, which started last year. Seat on the glass, behind the bench, a fancy hotel, amazing Italian food, and an open bar. The only thing that sucks this year is that the game is on a Sunday, and we have a home game the Saturday before. Still plenty of time to plan, but we'll have to make some decisions. Last year's trip was pretty epic, what with the overtime goal by one Mr. Shea Weber, so we'll see if it can be topped.

I had also thought about going to the Atlanta game that is over spring break, but I really need to save the money for Chastity's Florida wedding in May, Ciara and I both need to save. I'm fine with giving that hockey trip up for what will amount to about a week of laying on the beach with a drink in my hand.


  1. I am not a horrible friend! You love me and are excited about going. :-)

  2. I left you something on my blog (which sounds creepy, but apparently is what I'm supposed to say when passing along this award).