Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trips, stress, signing, hair

I am fully aware that I have sucked at blogging lately. However, now my summer class is over, so maybe I'll have more time. We've actually been working at both jobs, which is where I do most of my writing. It's pretty easy to write blogs in between answering phone calls.
Guess I'll use this blog to follow up on the last one about trips.
I bought my plane ticket to Tucson to see Sarah in October. Nothing has been finalized beyond the flight, but I'd really like for us to drive to Phoenix and see the Blues play the Coyotes. This'll be about 2 weeks after my 21st birthday, so I think that would be pretty awesome. Me and Sarah will do some planning and see what we can work out.
As for the Chicago/St. Louis trip, the AHL released their schedule this week. As fate would have it, the Admirals have a home game the day between the Chicago and St. Louis games. So we'll be hitting three games in three nights. Part of me kinda wants to try to add Columbus onto that, but I know Kelly has to work. Depending on money, me and Ciara may try for it. Now it's my turn to talk people into things. haha It's about as far as Chicago from us, but for some reason we haven't gone up there yet. That will leave Detroit as the only arena we haven't visited in the Central Division.
Opening night is in about two months. Hopefully by then, my stress level won't be so high that I won't be able to enjoy the games. Once classes start up in about two weeks, I'll have a feel for how this semester will be, as far as the involvement in classes goes. Then I can gauge how much hockey I can handle. There are some games I don't have tickets for that I'm eyeing up.
Since we last "spoke," the Predators have signed Ryan Jones to a two year contract. I'm indifferent on this one. He's a young guy with some promise, but I wasn't impressed last year. I like that he goes to the net because we've missed that since Hartnell left, but I hope he takes it up a notch this year. I also hope he doesn't grow that nasty hair long again. I don't care who he donates it to; it looks gross. We got rid of Pihlstrom and his gross hair, so please don't make me look at the mullet! This team used to be about good hair: Kariya, Weber, Erat. What is happening?
This turned into a tangent. Time for my fantasy football draft.


  1. Hey, if it helps you're always welcome to stay with us. It's outside of Columbus, but free. (Assuming you will vouch for Ciara's not being a serial killer ;)

    And maybe hockey will work as a stress reliever!

  2. I couldn't sleep because of this. Thanks for keeping me up planning a trip.

    My possible career choices have expanded. Now I want to be a travel agent in addition to being a bartender. Maybe I could do both. :-)