Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey Chicago, What do you say?

I read an article recently, or maybe it's a blog, I'm really not sure. Regardless, I feel the need to voice my opinion on some of the stuff I read. I've got some strong opinions, and I'm not afraid to share them.
The original post can be read here: Cubs Article

First, he says this: "Don't pink slip general manager Jim Hendry."
Ok, this is stupid. After the offseason moves the Cubs made, I think it's clear that this exactly what needs to happen. I'm not convinced that he knows what this team needs. He traded away DeRosa, a SOLID team guy, and he brought in Milton Bradley, who I like to call the big fat epic fail of this season. Bradley has been with 7 different teams over the past 8 years, and has proven attitude problems. Yet, Hendry gives him a 3 year $30 million dollar contract. So we gave up a great team guy for a whiny diva with sub-par stats. DeRosa was versatile and was an everyday man. Bradley sits in the outfield and hopes the game only goes 9 innings so he can be out there the least amount of time. Who would you rather have on your team? Hendry also let Kerry Wood walk. This one is a toss-up. Wood wanted years and money, but Hendry brought in Gregg, who is also making stupid money. Well guess what? Gregg lost the closing job two weeks ago to Carlos Marmol, who has also been shaky. The bullpen is a mess. They don't know their heads from their asses. Throw in the questionable contracts of Soriano and Fukedome, and I'm even more convinced it's time for Hendry to get a change of scenery. He has done plenty of good things for the Cubs, but people can get complacent. There's nothing wrong with shaking things up and getting some fresh ideas up in the GM's office.
Next: Don't sit in those front-row seats right next to the Cubs' dugout.
This part of the piece I semi-agree with. Firstly, if you paid all that money for the team, sit wherever the hell you like. Secondly, I like the idea of grabbing a random fan or two and having them sit and chat with you throughout the game. It's a good way to keep the game personal and not get too caught up in the business side of it. If you want to keep the fans coming back and happy, you have to know what they want. What better way to do that than to ask them? I also agree with the writer saying "Don't touch the big three" The ivy, the red marquee sign, and the scoreboard in the outfield are all landmarks and what makes Wrigley Field what it is.
The only other major thing I disagree about is this: Don't wait on Piniella. I'm pretty sure it's clear Piniella wants to be here. And frankly, I want him to be here. He calls out Bradley on his crap, he still gets angry and gets ejected, and I like what the team has done since he's been here. As far as giving him 24 hours to state his managerial intentions, what do you want him to say? Given the sub-par team this year, I think he's done just about all he can. He goes to bat for his guys and has done a fairly good job managing the team day to day. What more do you want? He can't magically make Bradley into less of a girl, or make Gregg stop giving up homers in the 9th. But he can and did do something to change the situations. Granted, he may have been a little slow on removing Gregg, in my opinion. And maybe he should have had a real hard talk with Bradley before the season started to let him know his old crap wouldn't fly in Chicago, but these are big boys and Lou can only do so much before it has to be the team that takes it to the next level.
The biggest thing that got me with this article was the Hendry and Piniella comments. I just wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment of keeping Hendry and dumping Lou. So there you have my strong disagreement. As for the other half....
I agree with most of the other things said. Honestly, I think it is time we traded Zambrano, and the Soriano deal was not a good one. Making these changes now would show the fans a commitment to finding the best players and trying to get over this World Series hump. And for the love of God, don't raise ticket prices! Cubs fans are the most loyal and abused in the world, since the Red Sox finally got over their curse. Don't make us hurt in the wallet as much as we've hurt in our hearts since becoming fans.
This is all coming from a Cubs fan who has been stuck in Tennessee for far too long, and has been born and raised a Cubs fan. So take my opinion for what it is, an opinion.

Fortunately for those reading this, I found out we're 10 games behind St. Louis after having already typed this up, so no too terribly angry rants.
We gotta believe!

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