Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Agency

The whirlwind that was July 1st is over. Okay, so whirlwind may be an exaggeration. After all, people have jobs and don't have time to sit and refresh the computer over and over to see who their team got. For those like myself, who were at work a large part of the day, we relied on text messages to spread the news. Not surprisingly though, my phone was not lit up with texts about the Preds. We made a whopping two signings. Both of which happened pretty much after I had gotten home from work.

Ward signed a two year deal and will be making 1.5 million each year, which I believe is an overpayment. He had one semi-good year. But hey, I'm not a manager; what do I know? And how do I know that money may not have gone to better use getting a bonafide top six power forward? Nevertheless, the deal is done, and we'll just have to see how things play out.

Considering the calendar had reached July without a deal with Sullivan, I assumed he was as good as gone. Around roughly 5 pm, via Twitter of course, it was revealed that Sully's house was not for sale and that a deal had been reached! It's a two year deal, worth a little more than 3.5 million per year. I am satisfied with that. A full year of , Sully, Dumont, and Arnott may make them seem less lazy. But if the SAD line sucks it up and Arny and Darshmont are lazy, I'm calling them on it.

The only thing that makes me nervous about these two year deals is this: Arnott, Sullivan, Ward, and Weber will all be up after the 10/11 season. Sullivan may very well be done after this, but I don't want us to screw ourselves financially and not be able to keep Weber. Granted, he will be an RFA that year. However if he keeps improving like he has, he'll be due a nice raise from his 4.5 million per year contract.

On the UFA front for losses, the Preds have definitely lost Fiddler and Zanon. Fiddler will be making 1.1 million per year for two years in Phoenix. I hate to say it, but see ya! He was one of the nicest guys off the ice, but the on ice Fiddler is not worth that contract. He can go bother Phoenix with all his offsides antics. Zanon went to Minnesota and will be making close to 2 million a year for three years. Again, nice guy, but there are too many young guys in Milwaukee for us to pay Greg that kind of money. I'd rather watch a rookie make mistakes than see Z take himself out of the play blocking shots.

As for the rest of the NHL, I was sad to see Gomez go to the Canadiens. The also got Cammalleri. Lucky d-bags. Winchester is staying in St. Louis, which I love. Joining the Blues is Ty Conklin. Snort. Good luck with Howard Detroit; not sure that's gonna pan out too well. Last, but certainly not least, for now at least, Hossa signed a TWELVE year deal with Chicago. His contract will be up 2021, in which he will be making "just" $750,000. The deal is ridiculously front loaded. For the first seven years, he will make just under 8 million each year. By the end of the deal, he will be 42 years old. Will he even be alive?! Sweet Jesus. I just don't think the Hawks made a very wise decision seeing as how they are paying Campbell and Huet stupid money and Kane and Toews will be demanding significant raises in the near future. But if one of the young guys must go, please send him to Nashville. We haven't seen the likes of a pure scoring forward since Kariya left. This is the Predators fan in me talking, but I hope Chicago shot themselves in the foot with this contract. I would love nothing more than for Hossa to be a complete bust. This is a text I sent after his "fight" with Suter earlier this season: "anyone who has literally been undressed by Ryan Suter should never be allowed on the ice again." Hossa, I hope Chicago fans treat you with the respect you "deserve." Try not to cry the first time they feel like voicing their opinions about your play by booing the daylights out of you.
/angry Hossa rant

It's almost 4 pm July 2nd and the Preds have done nothing else. Not like I'm expecting much. Another forward is clearly too much to ask. Poile better pray Shea nets about 30 goals this season.
/angry Predators not getting scoring forwards rant

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  1. I'll bet there are a lot of teams that can't wait to capitalize on the asshattery of the Hawks.

    I'm with you on hoping the teams don't fix a bunch of money on older players now and screw themselves in the long run. It's easier to see them go when you know it means a better chance to keep guys that can be cornerstones of the team for many years to come. Still sad, but easier.