Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Every streak has to end

After getting points in eight straight games, the Predators lost to the Blue Jackets in regulation last night. Thankfully, I had to work. So I only saw the 3rd period, but that was enough. We looked slow and confused. I haven't seen Weber play that bad in a long time, but it pissed me off. And apparently is pissed of Pekka too. My Dad told me Pekka was ticked after the BJ's first goal and that he was jawing at Shea. I can only imagine he deserved it. With him being our best defensman, we cannot afford for him to start sucking. We are still in the playoff race, but things look a little less shiny after a loss. The boys came home last night and had a day off today (not that I think they deserved it).
We had another casualty in the game last night. Pihlstrom is now day to day with an upper body injury. With none of our other injured forwards ready to return, we'll either see Koistenen dressed as a forward or another call up in Chicago on Friday. Both options make me cringe. I hate VK, and I can't think of anyone left in Milwaukee. This leaves me wishing even more that we had made a move at the deadline, but hindsight is 20/20.
Let's hope the boys bring the fire in the United Center come Friday.

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