Saturday, April 11, 2009

That's all she wrote

The Predators season came to an end last night. No 5th consecutive year of playoffs for this team. We were destroyed 8-4 by a Wild team that was clearly playing for everything, even though they too were eliminated last night with the Ducks win. Our normally consistent penalty kill gave up 3 power play goals. That's simply embarrassing. Throw in the shorthanded goal, the two empty netters, and several breakaways and you get a devastating loss for a team that pushed so hard to get where they were.
It's hard to take any positives out of last night's game seeing as how it was just plain hard to watch. Pekka was human, and not on his game. He's better than that and most of the Preds fans you ask would know that. Honestly, I'm shocked he wasn't pulled after the 4th goal, and then again after the 5th. We needed something to shake things up, and I don't see how putting Ellis in would have hurt anymore. But it doesn't matter this morning. This morning Preds fans everywhere are either packing it in and enjoying another off season, making plans for money previously set aside for playoff tickets or finding another team to root for in the playoffs. I'm not done watching hockey. I plan on watching all the games that get broadcast on NBC or Versus. And I am a Blues fan. Yes, it sucks that they're in and we're not. Yes, it sucks that every Central division team made it except us. But that team fought back, much like the Predators. They had a crazy amount of injuries to the core parts of their team, and they had rookies that came in and made an impression. TJ Oshie came out of nowhere to become a pretty big piece of the St. Louis puzzle. Throw in Andy McDonald's late season return, and talk about a Cinderella story. Would be nice for them to get their hard work rewarded. Of course, with Paul Kariya nearing a comeback for their first playoff appearance in years, that just makes it sweeter for me. Yes I'm upset that the Preds are setting tee times, but my second favorite team is in, and I hope they make a heck of a run.
As for the Preds, we had an amazing season. It was an entertaining one, that's for sure. And we'll be back come September, hopefully stronger and ready for another run. I'll be there for the next 2 years. Did a half season renewal for the next two years, and I can't wait to be back atop 305.

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