Friday, April 10, 2009

An unlikely scenario

The Predators lost to the Blackhawks at home on Tuesday. Talk about demoralizing. But just last night, this dog showed us it has a whole lot more fight in it. After being down to Detroit 3-1 in the 3rd period, the Predators came back to win in 4-3 in a shootout. That made the season series 4-2 with the Wings. We took the series with the Wings, but struggled against the Blues? How odd is that? Nashville plays its last regular season game tonight against the Minnesota Wild. With a win by the Preds and a loss by the Blues, the Predators clinch a playoff spot for the 5th straight year. Talk about stressful; it's never good to have to rely on other teams to do things for you, but with the way the Predators struggled before the All-Star break, I'm ecstatic that they're even in playoff contention. The problem with the game tonight is that Minnesota is a desperate team. If they win tonight, they still have the slimmest of chances at a playoff appearance. They'll be throwing everything they've got at us, and we'll be coming off a very tough game last night. The boys can't come out slow or tired, because once the Wild get a lead, they will trap the neutral zone all night. We need to put this one away early and get a couple goals. The Preds have to take care of their business and worry about the Blues game later. We need a favor from Columbus tonight. The pukc drops in thirty minutes; Let's go boys.

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