Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let's talk playoffs

I didn't think it would be so weird to be watching playoff hockey from my couch and not my seat at the Sommet, but it totally is. I am jealous of the fans of the 16 teams in the playoffs. They get to, or got to in the cases of the Montreal, St. Louis, and Columbus fans, sit in the most exciting atmosphere for hockey. There's nothing like a playoff crowd, and I'm sad we didn't have that in Nashville this year. However, my number two team did make the playoffs, and I struggled with the urge to drive to St. Louis to catch a game. Sadly, the Blues were swept in the first round by Vancouver, whom I despise. I hate Luongo and his greasy hair, the Sedin twins and their creepy faces, and Burrows and his cheating ass. Yea, I'm bitter. Sue me. As far as sweeps go, the two others that happened in the first round made me happier. Columbus was swept by Detroit; yes I was a Red Wing fan. Suck it Mason. Seriously, who picks number 1? Go hang out with Luongo or soemthing. Barf. Montreal was also swept by Boston. Those were some exciting games, and once again it was shown just how overrated Carey Price is. All Star material he was not, but it's the Canadiens and their fans and their 100th season. Whatever. The Sharks are down to the Ducks, who may be the most dominant 8th seed ever. The Canes/Devils series has been pretty exciting with lots of last minute goals. And the Chicago/Calgary series has been physical. I just hope Calgary comes out on top. Iginla deserves a cup, and I really want that for him. He's a terribly nice guy, and a hell of a player. As for the rest of the East, I don't really care. I'm sick of both Crosby and Ovechkin, so I'm on the Philadelphia and New York wagons. Was pretty awesome to see AO not score a goal until last night. Way to go Rangers defense.
Regardless of who I want to win or who wins, it doesn't even come close to cheering for YOUR team in the playoffs. Hopefully next year the Preds are back in contention. With a full year of Pekka, and maybe a full year of healthy Sullivan, we can do it. There will be some changes for this team next year, with a lot of our borderline AHL/NHL players contracts being up, but hopefully it'll give young guys a chance or even allow us to chase some free agents.

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