Monday, April 6, 2009

Lose one, win one

Since I last posted, the Preds lost the Blackhawks at the United Center and beat the Blue Jackets at home. We're still in 8th at the moment. Win out, against Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota, and we're in. Lose any of those three games and we have to rely on other teams to win or lose for us to make it in. The Hawks come into the Sommet Center tomorrow for our regular season home finale. It will likely be a playoff atmosphere, and we'll need the team to bring it all. The we end on the road with a back to back. Will be tough, but we can do it.
Good news came for the team Saturday; Jason Arnott was back in the lineup for the Preds. And he made quite an impact, scoring twice and racking up an assist in his first game back. Him coming back may have been the boost this team needed to finish out this season. We've gotta play at a high level for the rest of this week, but it can be done. And it will prove to be an exciting finish, with the Preds and St. Louis fighting for the 8th spot.

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