Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Canada swing continues

Boy am I glad I didn't go to bed Thursday night after the Preds were down 2-0 to Edmonton within the first 5 minutes. That turned out to be quite the game. The final was 6-3. And the Preds have now scored 5 or more goals in the last 3 games. Yes, the Predators, who were so offensively inept earlier this season. Again, we're seeing fire from the team of nobodies.

They're in Calgary today. Unfortunately, I won't get to see much of this game. I don't get off until 3:30, and then I have to babysit. Thank God for DVR.

Per twitter, Ellis is in goal this afternoon. Maybe Pekka needs a break. He was certainly not a happy camper after being pulled Thursday. But neither of those goals were on him.

Klein and Hamhuis still suck and need to be split.

7 days until the boys are back on home ice.
8 days until the boys, and us girls are in Chicago

By the way, the 10 day forecast for Chicago calls for snow the 2 days before we go and the day we get there. Pray we don't end up in a ditch somewhere :)

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