Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recap Preds vs. Ginger twins, grease monkey, and cheating sob

Since it doesn't seem to be working, we're gonna try a different angle here, so hang with me.

Keep Klein and Hamhuis together forever. Never split them up because they are simply awesome together. They read the play well, clear the slot, and make great decisions. In my opinion, this pairing is much better than our so called top pairing of Weber and Suter.

So glad I stayed up late to watch some fail. I think we're all in agreement that Ellis is the number two goalie on this team. Time to look past the couple of average performances he had in those wins and put Pekka back in net where he belongs. I expect Pekka will be back in Saturday against the Hawks. With the back to back, I'm not sure what we'll do. Guess it depends on how Peks does Saturday and how he's feeling.

Positive from this game: Weber is venting some more frustration. That man is on another angry streak. I don't know if he's mad at himself for not playing as well lately or if it's something personal, but I like angry Shea. Tonight he beat up Kesler, who happens to be the only Canuck I tolerate. I'm not sure I've ever seen Kesler fight, so this one caught me off guard. But nonetheless, it was awesome.

There were these 2 guys next to the Preds penalty box in green body suits taunting whoever was in our box. I don't know how our guys kept a straight face. I was cracking up on the couch. It was so original.

Smithson took a shot off his hand and missed most of the game. My thoughts: meh. Point streak my foot. He is everything that is wrong with the second line. I hate him on the line with Ward and Leggy, but the paper was all about praising him and saying how well he's doing.
Bouillon missed most of the second period after taking what I think was a puck to the face. He came back for the third with a nice mark on his face.

Weber and Franson had pretty decent games. They looked better than they've looked in awhile. Suter was a little weak tonight, as was Dumont. But Dumont has been on my list for awhile. As is often the case in games like this, no one really stood out. The team looked weak as a whole; some more than others.

Taking 4 out of 6 points on the Western Canada swing is nothing to scoff at. We're still second in our division, behind the Hawks.

The boys will finally be back on home ice Friday before taking another three game trip.

This Blackberry outage is killing me. Missed so many e-mails today. IM and Twitter aren't working. I feel so disconnected. Hopefully it's fixed when I get up in the morning.

Luongo is a grease monkey.

And that is all.


  1. "Luongo is a grease monkey." LOL...so true! I always thought he looked like a greasy Italian pimp :)

  2. Regarding the Weber/Kesler "fight", at first I was worried for Ryan, but I ended up being kind of ticked. He drops his gloves and when he realizes he was in way over his head, instead of sticking it out, he decides to fall down and surrender? Lame Ryan, very lame.

    @JujuB213 - Greasy Italian pimp? Hey! On behalf of Italians everywhere... Well, he is about two gold chains and a velvet track suit short of being the creepy cousin at our family reunion :P

  3. Aubrey, that's the way it often goes when guys pick a fight with Shea. They're all into until they realize how scary he is when he's ticked. Lilja is still not playing after trying to mess with him last year. You won't like him when he's angry. Except for me, cuz it's really hot. HAHAH
    The best part for me was when Kesler was down and Shea went for that last punch. I just had to laugh.

    And LOL at you guys for the Bobby Lu comments. HAHA

  4. @Aubrey- No offense meant, my friend. If his last name was Brodeur, I would have called him a greasy French pimp :)

  5. None taken. It's hard to be offended when you're right ;)