Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Steve Mason, Suck it!

What a game! Sully nets the hat trick, thus telling Steve Mason the douche to suck it.

I love that Pekka is having a better year than Mason this year. Basically, Mason is overrated. And he wears #1, so he's a douche. Pekka didn't play tonight, but Ellis had a decent game. Both goalies were giving up some pretty big rebounds, but Ellis and the good guys came out on top.

My only other pet peeve from this game was the penalties. Columbus had 8 power plays. EIGHT! One or two of the calls were bs, like the "trip" on Weber when he didn't even touch the guy until he was already falling down on the ice. That call gave the BJs over a minute of 5 on 3. Fortunately, they didn't even get a shot on goal. Despite giving up 2 power play goals, I don't think the PK did terrible. Those guys must be pretty tired though.

Hope our penalty killers get a good night's rest because they have to be ready to battle Tampa Bay tomorrow.

I'm assuming Pekka will be in net. I know I would feel better with him playing. That's not a knock on Ellis, but his game just makes me so nervous.

The next time the Preds play the Jackets, I will be there. And I can't wait. I can only hope the game is in similar fashion to tonight's.

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  1. It's good to know for sure some of those calls were made up. FS Ohio quit showing the replays on calls against the Preds, so I figured there was a little creative officiating going on.

    I'm getting pretty excited about New Year's eve. Another crappy performance by basically everybody in a Blue Jackets sweater would be fine by me too :)