Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Monday Musings

I was too drunk Saturday night to have much recollection about the Wings game. Thank God for DVR. I wasn't feeling well today, so instead of spending all day at work, I came home early, made some soup, and watched the game again.

Suter and Weber had bad games. Both were -2, and Weber was really undisciplined. Before that game, he had 4 penalty minutes. Afterwards, he had 10. Pete and Terry remarked that he was playing like he was frustrated. Whatever it was, he needs to get a handle on it. Him being in the box that much is not acceptable, no matter how hot it may or may not be.

Why in God's name did we start the overtime period with the D pairing of Hammer and Klein? This is the worst pairing since Zidlicky and Koistenen. They sucked earlier in the year, so they split them up. And now they're back together? Wtf? Someone please enlighten me. Needless to say, I was not surprised when Bertloser came in and scored the game winner 25 seconds into overtime.

As much as I hate to say it, it might be time to break up the boyfriends (Suter and Webs) and spread the talent.

The team sent Franson down to Milwaukee yesterday. Guess that means Sulzer will be playing. I'm torn on this one because Franson has been much better lately. But I am glad that Sulzer will be seeing some ice time.

Weber broke another teammate. Literally. Tootoo is out 3-4 weeks with a broken bone after taking a Weber shot to the foot.

As of right now, the Preds haven't made a call-up. Unfortunately, that means Belak will be playing. With Franson sent down and Belak in, the Preds will not have any scratches. Not sure I like that move. Anything could happen at pre-skate. If someone were to get injured practicing, we'd have no replacement.

Maybe they'll make a move and have someone here in time for the game against Tampa Bay tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the last home game until the day after Christmas. Me, Ciara, and Kelly leave for Chicago 2 days after Christmas. Less than 2 weeks until the epic road trip. Hope those northerners are ready for us.

Puck drops in Columbus in an hour. Here's hoping for no overtime. I can't stand giving away points to division rivals.

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