Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now that's what I call a hockey game

Nashville 7 Tampa Bay 4
A nightmare game for both goalies, that's for sure. After a less than stellar first period, the Predators came to play in the second. It was 2-1 Tampa after one period, our defense looked like crap, and I was worried.
Every qualm I had about this game was gone after the second. The Preds scored 5 unanswered goals in the second. Yes, 5 goals in one period. Shea "Freaking" Weber had the best fight of the season. That man is scary when he's angry, and it is so hot. I hate that he was off the ice for 5 minutes, but Downie must have really pissed him off. I was in Wendy's seats again last night. She was on the glass over in the corner, and had a great view of the fight. But I had an even better view of Shea in the box. Needless to say, the love hate relationship I've had going with him is totally back to love. I was hoping for a goal so he'd have a Gordie Howe last night, but oh well. Hopefully that fight is what he needed to turn his game around. After looking weak on two breakaway goals, he looked a lot more solid after returning from serving his major.

One thing I loved about this game was that despite scoring 7 goals, no one had a hat trick or scored more than once. We had 7 different goal scorers. Belak, Klein, Bouillon, and Sulzer were the only ones without a point, besides Pekka.

There were 3 fights, if you will. First was Weber's awesomeness, Klein gave it a pretty good go next. Then Smithson "fought" Malone. It was not a fight. But both got 5 minutes. They had exchanged crosschecks and face washes, then Malone knocked Smitty down on the ice, so I guess that warranted a fighting major for both. Meh, whatever.

I haven't been that into a game in awhile. So glad that the team put on a great show in front of a respectable crowd for a Tuesday night.

Jacob brought up a good point last night. He and Willy were talking about what they'd most like to see on the ice. Jacob asked our group. After we all gave what turned out to be the wrong answers, he pointed out that Smithson has yet to record an assist. He has 5 goals, but no helpers. I don't know why, but that is so funny to me. Smitty's career high is 7 goals, and we're not even halfway through the season yet. I hate that he always turns it up in contract years. They always bring him back, and I'm over it.
*Jacob and Willy both work for the Preds and the radio station that broadcasts the games and player shows

This was Nick Spaling's first NHL game, and he collected an assist. He looked pretty good out there, despite seeing limited ice time, as he was on a line with Belak. During warmups, they had him with Hornqvist and Jones. I don't know why they didn't try that line for the game because I think it just might work. They were all in Milwaukee together. But Trotz probably didn't want 3 young guys together. Whatever.

Apparently Franson was called up today. I have no idea what the deal is there. Does that mean Sulzer sits tomorrow against Edmonton? I like both of them, and want them both to play. But everyone knows that Trotz doesn't have the stones to sit one of the vets who have been struggling *coughKleincough*

Still harping on the "break up the boyfriends" thing. Sulzer and Weber spent most of training camp together, and they were stellar. Why we don't try that in a game situation is beyond me. I know they won't do it, but I just want us to spread the talent. Maybe giving Weber and Suter a break from each other would help the rookies we've got at the blueline. Franson grew up with Shea, so I think it goes without saying that there could definitely be some potential for Shea to help him improve his game.

I'm not going to focus on the stuff I'm still irritated about because that game was too awesome for that. The only downside is that we don't have another home game until December 26th. It seems like forever, even though it's only a week and a half. The team has a tough Canadian trip ahead of them. Edmonton tomorrow, Calgary on Saturday, and then Vancouver on Tuesday. Calgary has been struggling lately, so hopefully the story will be a little different than when they were in town a couple weeks ago. The last two games should give the team a pretty nice boost before heading out though. Hope we come back with at least 4 points. 6 would be nice, but I would not be disappointed with winning 2 out of 3.

West coast games mean late nights, but thankfully my last exam is tomorrow. It's easier to get up for work than for classes. Money is a funny little motivator when you have a road trip and booze to pay for. 11 days and one more paycheck away

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