Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back to back fail

Phoenix game Thursday night = lame
Colorado game last night = more lame

Yes, I know the sky is not falling. It was two games, two losses, and we are not out of the playoff race or anything like that. However, as a fan who lives and dies (in theory) by this sport, I am so beyond frustrated.

The Phoenix game was in our hands. We dominated the whole game, expect the third period. Play 60 minutes for Christ's sake! Former Pred Upshall scored a natural hat trick in the third period. Lame. Seriously. Two of our supposedly good defensive forwards were both -3 in this game: Ward and Smithson. Seriously, so not happy that Smitty is back. Klein and Hammer were full of fail again. Ellis wasn't terrible, despite the loss. Legwand has looked really good the past few games, even if it's not showing up on the scoreboard.

The Colorado game was just crap. The team was shorthanded 9 times. 9 freaking times! One particular penalty that was complete BS was the goalie interference on Hornqvist that resulted in a waived off goal. It would have been the game tying goal. Anderson was out of the crease and it looked like he initiated contact, so that's crap. Every goal scored last night was on special teams. Colorado scored twice on the power play, and Franson scored on the power play for us. Some more stuff that irritated me was the lack of urgency with the empty net. I feel like the last few times we've pulled the goalie, no one on the ice seems to be really pushing hard to get a goal. That kills me. Act like you care! Fight to keep possession of the puck!

Unlike the Phoenix game, it's hard to pick out players who did well last night. Pekka was pretty much the only decent one on the ice. I felt like every d-pairing sucked, and our forwards pissed me off to no end. Ward was out with a groin strain, but Dumont, despite the flu symptoms that kept him out of the game in Phoenix, was back in the lineup. Legwand had another pretty strong game. He's been really good on the forecheck lately. If only he would bury a few goals.

Belak had another pretty uneventful fight. What's his purpose again? Sully had a fight that I had to laugh through. The guy had like 6 inches on him. Hilarious. But the ref wouldn't let Weber pound some punk, so Sully had to take care of business.

I was angry at Arnott all game. He is the laziest piece of crap EVER. On one shift he was checked behind the net. He lay there whining, pretending to be hurt trying to get a call. Meanwhile, the play goes to the other end and Colorado gets a good scoring chance. We were basically shorthanded while Captain Douchetard took his sweet time getting up and back to the bench. His post game interview pushed me over the edge. He was talking about being happy they were going to have a couple days off before playing in Columbus. Said it would be nice to relax. Considering he takes more shifts off than anyone, he should be plenty relaxed. Don't make me get back on my "Rip That C Off Arnott's Chest" soapbox.

This 3 game skid has put the Preds in 6th place in the West. With us not playing until Tuesday, we could be on the outside looking in very shortly. Here's to hoping the ship is righted the next time the team takes the ice.

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  1. Arnott said what?! OK, I officially give up trying to like him. If you want to relax then retire. And even if you think it's going to be nice to have a few days off, you don't say that right after your third loss in row! Geez Louise, way to lead Captain.