Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oil Spill

Creative title, I know.
But they are worse than I expected this year. They are sitting in the bottom of the Western Conference, and on a two game slide.
I have no recap for the game last night.
I went out to The Front Page Deli with some friends for drinks.
The owner is a big Preds fan, but the game wasn't on when we got there.
Ciara's sister works there, so Ciara took it upon herself to call and tell our waiter to put the game on for me. She still has Clarksville connections and knows how to use them.
He came over with my drink and said "Some chick literally just called and asked me to put the game on for you."
The look on Colton's face was priceless. He was like "Wow, you have power."
It was hilarious!
Despite the game being on, we were pretty wrapped up in our conversations so I didn't watch much.
I saw the final, and of course was getting text updates throughout.
Sucks that Pekka lost his shutout. And apparently the second Oiler goal was all on Weber. But he got a goal, so I'll let it slide.
The boys made it to Calgary today and did some team building curling exercise. The winning team: O'Reilly, Rinne, Sullivan, and Weber.
Days like this I really love Twitter. It gives you that inside look at what the team is like off the ice. I don't know of any other sport like it.
Preds take on the Flames Friday night 8 pm central.
I'll be back Saturday with the recap from work.

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