Thursday, January 21, 2010

More evidence....

...that Carey Price is a douche.

Now, I'm not the biggest Cam Janssen fan, but come on. I looked at the game summary on this morning and saw that Price wasn't given a penalty, not for roughing, not for anything.
Now, watching the play, Janssen is going for the puck and Price is out of the crease. Explain to me how Janssen gets the roughing call when Price is the one trying to throw punches. I'm pretty sure Price drops his gloves, ummm hello?!
The Blues ended up on the short side with Janssen getting a minor for roughing and Conklin getting a minor for leaving the crease. Please hold while I laugh out loud. Leaving the crease, really? Because Price wasn't way out of the crease. Conklin didn't do anything. He didn't grab, or beat down any of the Canadiens even if he did skate towards the action. One of the Habs got a penalty for roughing, but it should have at least been 4 on 4 because Carey Price is a doucher.
Watching the highlights, he should have at least had 3 out of the 4 Blues goals. He let Kariya bank a shot in off of his own butt. Sorry, but that was awesome. And McDonald's OT winner was from how far out? Once again, Price proves that he's overrated.
I might watch this video a million times, simply because of what it's called. "Cam Janssen DRILLS Carey Price" How can that not make you smile?


  1. What?! How in the ever living hell did Price not get penalized? And Conklin does. That's just brilliant. Great job NHL.

  2. Because Price plays for Montreal? If they had been in St. Louis, there probably would have been a call. At that point it was 2-0 Blues, so the refs probably felt sorry for them. Either way, it was totally retarded.

  3. I'm still laughing over Cam Smash drilling Price :)