Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Burrows vs Auger (with some game recap)

I've read several blogs and articles about this mess with Burrows and the officials, and all I can say is that if it's true, the league really needs to nail Auger to the wall. The word is that Auger told Burrows that he made him look like a fool on the misconduct he called on Smithson on Dec. 8th in Nashville. Now, I watched this game online because I didn't have tickets, and I yelled a lot of mean things at Burrows. He very clearly lifts his head after the hit to make sure there will be a call. No doubt in my mind he milked it. The league rescinded the misconduct on Smithson after the game, but the ref still made the wrong call. But how was he supposed to know that Burrows is a fantastic actor? Acting or no, Auger is an idiot if he actually told Burrows he was going to get him back for it last night. Either way, Burrows did get it back last night. The phantom diving and interference calls were enough, but he got a misconduct at the end of the game for what I'm sure were not very appropriate things he said to Auger. All of this evidence is circumstantial. There is a video of Auger and Burrows talking before the puck drops, but everyone except Auger and Burrows is only speculating about what's actually being said.

As a Predators fan, I should hate Burrows because is throws , is a diving, acting SOB, and is an awesome player who scores against us. Unfortunately, as a woman who has pretty good eye sight, he's pretty good looking. He will always be hated when we play them, but you gotta get the guy props for what he's done after not being drafted. He's turned into quite the hockey player.

As for the game, it started out not quite the way we had hoped with Legwand getting the first weak call of the game. The green men were back next to the box, but the focus soon changed to Ward scoring on the grease monkey short-handed. The Preds looked solid in the first period. Ellis was playing well, as was most of the rest of the team. Hammer and Klein still suck paired together. Burrows' first goal of the game was all because Hamhuis just stopped paying attention and let Burrows get behind him, not even realizing he had the whole backdoor open to shoot at. The Preds second period was sloppy. We need to reiterate the "play 60 minutes" thing that we've been beating to death. Luckily, we came out of the second tied 2-2, with Burrows getting another goal on a good screen. Ellis had at least 4 guys right in the line of the shot from the point. More crap officiating came in the third. Bad calls on both sides, but one that blew the game was the tripping calling on Henrik Sedin that put the Preds on the 4 on 3 power play. Henrik had already gone to the box earlier for interference on Ellis. The ref called it interference because dry humping isn't a penalty in hockey. Imagine that.
The tweet from Ellis says it best: Hey henrik sedin...stop trying to ride me like a horse...I am not into guys
I love that guy. Really.
Weber blasts one by the grease monkey to give the Preds a 3-2 lead with about 5 minutes left. We hold on and walk out of GM Place the owners of 2 points and in a tie with the Coyotes for 5th in the West.
Terrible night for the officiating, but for once it resulted in a win for the Preds. Can't argue with that. But it will be curious as to how this thing with Burrows and Auger is handled.

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