Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I guess we have to talk about it

Leafs 4 Preds 3
And once again, the score does not tell the story. The Predators played maybe 10 minutes of the game last night. Unfortunately for us, the Leafs played more.
It started out bad. When you're down to the Leafs 0-3 nine minutes in, you've got problems. After the second goal, I was screaming for Pekka's head. Every goal was soft. Every single one. Finally after the third goal, Ellis made his grand entrance. Granted, the defense didn't help Pekka out much, but he should have had at least 2 of those goals. One (maybe the first goal) was simply because he wasn't hugging the post. Basic stuff here folks.
Thankfully, Ellis came in and played amazingly. He had the best save of the season on Stempniak (who I love and wish still played for the Blues, or for us). Find it on a highlight reel somewhere. I'm at work and the internet hates me today, so I can't provide a link.
Goc scored the first Preds goal in the second period by doing what the team had failed to do all game: go after rebounds. We were having trouble getting shots through, so Goc's was a big goal. The team made their short appearance in the third, and the crowd rewarded them. After we had tied it at 3, there was another epic standing ovation TV timeout. I'm not sure the team deserved it, but the few shift before that certainly showed some life and gave the crowd reason to cheer. The building was rocking, and we all but willed the team to score. Unfortunately due to some more Klein and Hamhuis fail (see rant below), Kessel walked in and scored the game winner with about 5 minutes to go.
As for the last minute or so, I have never seen a team play with so little urgency as the Preds did last night. Once Ellis finally made it to the bench, the team just seemed so slow, with no one really fighting to tie it up. Definitely disappointing.
Arnott and Smithson were back last night. Arnott definitely showed some rust. As for Smithson, Thuresson should have that spot over him. I would much rather a rookie get the experience. I am praying that the front office let's Smithson walk this summer. I can't handle much more of this. In other news, Tootoo should be back in Phoenix on Thursday, but Spaling will not be sent down. Thank God.
I made the comment several times last night that I'd rather be blown out than have the team come back only to lose late in the game. At least in a blowout, you don't get your hopes up. I definitely thought we had a chance once we tied it up. Just goes to show, playing 60 full minutes of hockey really does make a difference. The effort exerted last night is inexcusable. Losing to the Maple Leafs at home is inexcusable. Anyone else starting to think we're resembling the Blues and their home woes? Let's just hope we don't need the guys to start staying in hotels in Nashville. I expect a better effort when they're back on the 30th.
Sucks that it was such a crappy effort on the last game before a decent road trip, not to mention the good crowd, and the fact that it was Military Monday. The team sure did lay a couple of eggs for the military this year: Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto. I sense a trend. Meh, whatever.

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