Tuesday, January 19, 2010

D-man fail

The Preds announced today that they extended "defenseman" Kevin Klein 3 years.
See what I did there?
That will keep him here through the 2012-2013 season. The terms are 3 years, $4.05 million total.
That sound you heard earlier in the day was me screaming obscenities.
I have been on the "split up Klein and Hamhuis" campaign all season. Separately, they aren't terrible, but put them together and I will almost assure you that a goal will be scored by the opposition. Case and point: both were a glaring -3 last night against Toronto. Another thing I took from this deal is that it all but assures Hamhuis will not be here next season. Whether he's gone at the deadline or the offseason, I doubt he is in Nashville come this fall. Now, I don't know what kind of money Hamhuis thinks he can get, or will get, but I would rather have him than Klein. However, I understand that Klein is the cheaper option. But until they find a good partner for him (NOT HAMHUIS) he will be in my doghouse. I'd still rather see Sulzer on the ice than Klein. Poile may also be setting himself to be able to keep both Suter and Weber in the future. Weber will be up after next season, and Suter the following season. The money they will save by potentially not signing Hamhuis will allow for what will likely be very nice raises for Suter and Weber.

Either way, Klein and Hamhuis still suck as a d-pairing, and last night's "game" just makes me angry.
Really glad they went back on the road. I don't have to pay to watch them on TV. So if they blow chunks, I don't get as upset.
The upcoming schedule looks like this:
In Phoenix on Thursday, where my BFF Sarah will be in attendance. Hope she gets to see a good one.
In Colorado on Friday.
These two games are also the annual Father's trip, so hopefully that will be some good motivation to play well.
Then we move back East with visits to Columbus and Detroit.
Time to rack up some points against teams below us in the standings.


  1. Trade you Eric Brewer for Klein?

  2. I can't give myself the authority to make that trade because I totally would. Even though I know Brewer is terrible. And least he's good looking. Klein, nice as he is, creeps me out sometimes.

  3. I couldn't believe this. I would resign Hamhuis over Klein. Too bad they both couldn't go.

  4. Sarah, I'm with you. Would so much rather have Hammer, even if we do call him Hammersuxtradehim. I know it comes down to money, but I'm starting to really hate Klein.